Quality Control

Our company always pays much attention to the product quality problems. From selecting parts to products production, we have professional QC to check every procedure, testing whether the working hours of the heat pumps, water temperature, environmental testing is normal or not. Now new advanced equipment and new low temperature checkout room are set up with more serious water temperature test in order to adapt


  • Heat pumps production factory
  • Heat pumps production line


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About us

Foshan Juyang New Energy Co., Ltd is a high-tech private enterprise founded in 2005, which specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling energy-saving products including heat pumps to improve human living condition and quality of life (QOL). Our products are well-known throughout Europe and North America. Our leading products include solar water heater and heat pump system(cooling, heating and domestic hot water system), household and commercial recirculating type heat pumps, swimming pool pump, water source heat pump, etc. We have own various patents and technologies.